About Us

Leair Charter Services Ltd. began operating in 1996 and is a fully Bahamian owned and operated company. Our reservation and company base is conveniently located at Nassau's Lynden Pindling International Airport facility.

All of our aircrafts are designed with your comfort in mind and afford plenty of leg room, and windows for you to enjoy the views. Baggage space varies with each aircraft with a load allowance of 600 lbs in our Cessna 402 and 790 lbs.our Bandit EMB-110. With these weight and space restrictions in mind we recommend that our passengers use soft luggage options.

At Leair, safety is our number one priority. The Leair fleet is maintained by a qualified and professional maintenance team with each aircraft is serviced to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Standards. Additionally, each aircraft is equipped with First Aid Kits and Lifejackets and we maintain full insurance policies on all aircraft. Our pilots are also fully trained in safety exercises as outlined below.

All of our Leair pilots are fully trained in our fleet of aircrafts, and are annually trained in wet drills (usage of Lifejackets), basic first aid (Cardiac Arrest) and in the usage of Fire Extinguishers. They are all instrument rated, FAA and CAA certified and each have acquired a minimum of Twenty-five hundred (2,500) hours of flight time.

Leair prides itself on a strong customer service policy that believes "to serve you is a privilege". Our fully trained and professional team consists of Pilots, Office Staff, Dispatchers, Porters and Aircraft Technicians striving to service every customer with prompt schedules, efficient reservations and a helping hand.